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Friday, 14 August 2015

Commission complete

A while ago I wrote about having my first commission to create a cushion cover for a visitor from my market stall. She really liked my silk cushion with the crickets, but said that it wasn't in her budget and not really the right size. So after appearing back at my stall, she showed me a cushion she had just bought and said she wanted a bespoke design to match (1 cushion!). We discussed the fabric and motifs and I said I would get back to her first with some designs. After submitting 3 designs to choose from, she wrote back saying that she wanted all of them as she couldn't make a choice! So I set to work, sourcing the right cushion covers. After finding some very nice quality, yet affordable cushions to print onto, I let the client choose from 4 neutral shades and then got busy in the studio. I printed a few more than needed to allow for any errors, just incase. Luckily they worked out very nicely, although looking at them now - I could have made the large green leaf a tone more towards Olive. However, my client recieved them and said they looked nice on her sofa so all in all it was a success! See my pics below for the results...

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