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Monday, 22 February 2016

Freelance work for The Amsterdam Theater

Its been so long since I wrote in my blog, so its about time I added something new. Since I last wrote, I was offered a job as a freelance designer for a new musical at the Amsterdam Theater. The job is still not complete and its been amazing to work on. Working for costume Designer Margot Koudstaal I have been helping to create the fabrics for the costumes. Its the 1st ever 3D theater production to be shown in Amsterdam, so its very exciting. I have also never worked in this field before so its been a very interesting process as well. I cannot show any of the work I have been doing as it is only premièring in April - but, very excited to see the designs on the stage!

Here is a link to the show -


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Autumn colours

A very good friend of mine sent me this gorgeous photo of herself wearing one of my scarves! It's a perfect early Autumn colour combination with yellow and russet leaves on a dusky - grey blue ground. I also love the way the scarve brings out the blue of her eyes...

Open day at the studio

Its been a while since I posted on here, but I have been very busy getting ready for our open day at the Studio. This weekend the doors will be open to many artists, sculptors and designers as they showcase their studio. This will be a great chance to see many people including myself, working in action and getting the chance to talk to the about what they do. There will also be food and drink as well as music so it shoud be a really fun event. The doors open at 12 and closes at 6pm. Both days are open, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September so there is a chance to visit over two days if one day is not enough! Look forward to seeing you there...my room is 120 on the 1st floor and I will be printing!

Monday, 24 August 2015

New Etsy Store

Since my last market, I have been busy setting up my new Etsy store and its coming along really well. I like the layout of the shop itself which you can customise to your taste - simple yet effective. I now have 26 different scarves listed for sale (some of which there are more than one of). A few more to go and then I will start to add my cushions etc


Friday, 14 August 2015

Commission complete

A while ago I wrote about having my first commission to create a cushion cover for a visitor from my market stall. She really liked my silk cushion with the crickets, but said that it wasn't in her budget and not really the right size. So after appearing back at my stall, she showed me a cushion she had just bought and said she wanted a bespoke design to match (1 cushion!). We discussed the fabric and motifs and I said I would get back to her first with some designs. After submitting 3 designs to choose from, she wrote back saying that she wanted all of them as she couldn't make a choice! So I set to work, sourcing the right cushion covers. After finding some very nice quality, yet affordable cushions to print onto, I let the client choose from 4 neutral shades and then got busy in the studio. I printed a few more than needed to allow for any errors, just incase. Luckily they worked out very nicely, although looking at them now - I could have made the large green leaf a tone more towards Olive. However, my client recieved them and said they looked nice on her sofa so all in all it was a success! See my pics below for the results...

Thursday, 25 June 2015


A few weeks ago I ran my first stall at the Sunday Market and was asked my someone to mke a bespoke cushion especially for them. The client showed me a cushion cover she had just bought and asked me to complement the colours and gave me the size and fabric specifications. I have found a great cushion to print onto in lovely warm honey beige. The client has approved and after subitting her the design I have planned I will print it next week. I'm very excited to see the outcome and its great to have a brief such as this! I will keep you posted with pictures next week...

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The last couple of weeks have beeen a bit quiet in the studio. Firstly - I took a break after the market madness to go fabric buying. I bought some beautiful silks in the most amazing blues and also some gorgeous sea green cotton which I am planning on using for a present to a wonderful friend who helped me on my market. I've also been stocking up on baby-grows and working on the commision I was asked to do. I was all ready for a couple of long days printing in the studio this week - but my son is sick... So, instead I am ordering more labels and setting up my web shop. More details to come about my shops soon to be appearing on Dawanda and Etsy!

                                                                Beautiful blue silks

                                                                       Sea green cotton